Stücki Park:

Stücki Park has been certified as a sustainable building multiple times, with SNBS 2.0 and BREEAM In-Use certifications.

SNBS: Standard Nachhaltiges Bauen Schweiz (Standard Sustainable Construction – Switzerland)

In addition to the legally required technical norms, Switzerland recognises multiple voluntary construction certifications. SNBS certification was acknowledged as a component in project planning work with the new buildings T Hochbergerstrasse 60 F-I even at a very early stage. This certification represents an initiative of the Federal Office of Energy (BFE) and is part of the strategy of the Federal Council for Sustainable Development. The award is given by the Minergie association, in a detailed procedure consisting of multiple stages. All project stakeholders are involved in this, as is the real estate owner Swiss Prime Site.

SNBS ensures that the needs of society, the economy and the environment are taken into account as much as possible during the building planning, construction and operation stages – with a holistic view of the life cycle of the building.

The advantages of a SNBS 2.0 certification:

  • It includes all elements that define a building as a sustainable project, with a holistic view of the three key areas of economy, social affairs and the environment.

  • SNBS 2.0 fits Swiss legislation and standards, and was introduced by the Federal Office of Energy (BFE) and the Swiss Network for Sustainable Construction (NNBS) as part of their 2050 energy strategy.
  • It stands for quality, with very strong evaluation criteria in each phase of the certification process.

  • As soon as the building is completed, the final score is awarded following an external audit. Such an audit shall encompass 45 parameters in 12 categories, allowing for certification in levels rating from silver to platinum.


BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology – and it is the world’s leading certification method for real estate properties. Existing buildings and new buildings alike can be certified by it. Stücki Park is BREEAM In-Use certified. With BREEAM In-Use, existing buildings will be assessed, with their current phase of operation analysed (for the purpose of determining their sustainability) – ecological and social criteria, in particular, will be at the forefront here. With a final assessment, it should be possible to draw appropriate conclusions, for the sake of allowing improved long-term sustainability of the building. With recertification (which takes place every three years), the building is reassessed again. This is something which allows for improvement measures to be tracked, with full accuracy, over time, assuring the sustainable development of the building. The certification in question demands the highest standards for the best possible and sustainable operation, and it is also a tool geared to reducing operational costs and improving the work/life atmosphere.


The United Nations have set 17 objectives for sustainable development (SDGs: Sustainable Development Objectives). These objectives are part of a global agenda in the fight against poverty and the protection of our planet. Such objectives are to be implemented by all UN Member States by 2030. BREEAM In-Use has acknowledged some of these goals in its list of requirements, and adapted them to the building and its surroundings. With the criterion of “Affordable and clean energy”, the use of low or emission-free energy systems is evaluated. In the category of “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, the offer of alternative means of transport is considered, along with CO2 emissions reduction measures. In the category “Health and Well-Being”, a clean, healthy and reduced-stress environment in a building plays a central role.