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As the world’s largest pharmaceutical supplier, Lonza is also on the rise in times of Corona. The Group is therefore expanding the Pharma & Biotech division in the Stücki Park and will move into additional development and test laboratories from September 2020.

Hanns-Christian Mahler, Head of Drug Product Services (DPS), heads the aforementioned business unit of Lonza’s Pharma & Biotech division. His department develops, tests and commercializes so-called parenteral drugs, i.e. agents administered by injection. The 250 highly specialized researchers in the Stücki Park today have written a spectacular success story over the past four years. The drug development department was only launched at the end of 2016 – with a core team of 25 experts. Since then, Hanns-Christian Mahler has increased his entourage tenfold.

Hanns-Christian Mahler, Head of Drug Product Services (DPS) bei Lonza

This is where potentials are tapped

Lonza chose Basel as its location for a reason: “We deliberately set up DPS in Basel because we have access to the latest technologies and world-leading experts in this innovation center for the life science industry,” explains Hanns-Christian Mahler. The ultra-modern laboratories in Stücki Park more than meet the high requirements. Nevertheless: The development of parenteral dosage forms is a great challenge, as biopharmaceuticals are becoming more and more complex, says Hanns-Christian Mahler. The development and testing activities in the Stücki Park are therefore sensibly supplemented by sterile pharmaceutical production in Stein. Lonza Drug Product Services customers receive end-to-end service right through to market launch for parenterally administered drugs. “No other pharmaceutical supplier in the world offers such a comprehensive pharmaceutical development”, says Hanns-Christian Mahler.

A working environment for visionaries

Those who work in Hanns-Christian Mahler’s team in the Stücki Park can count themselves among the best in the industry. The 250 employees are multicultural and come from 34 countries. Pharmacists, chemists, biochemists and laboratory assistants work closely together here. All specialists in their field. Around half of the workforce are women, and over 60% of the DPS staff have a master’s or doctorate degree. “Lonza acts like a magnet for ambitious self-propelled natural scientists”, explains Hanns-Christian Mahler. “This is where people with an entrepreneurial attitude come together, who contribute and make a difference, but who also want to have fun at work.” The team in the Stücki Park spreads an inspiring “drive”: a positive error culture is lived and creative, independent work is valued. The best conditions for further flights of fancy.

Source: Top employer in Northwestern Switzerland

About Lonza

Lonza is one of the world’s leading and most respected suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty chemicals markets. In addition to the customer-specific manufacture and development of products, Lonza also offers services and products that range from active pharmaceutical ingredients and stem cell therapies to disinfectants for drinking water, vitamin B3 compounds and organic ingredients for the cosmetics industry, agricultural products, industrial preservatives and antimicrobial solutions, that fight dangerous viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Founded in the Swiss Alps in 1897, Lonza is today a global, market-leading company with more than 40 production and research sites and around 9,800 employees worldwide.