Science crafted to life

Bottmedical AG is a deep-tech spin-off from the University of Basel, based on an IP portfolio relating to core polymer thin-film technology. The team of founders have more than six years’ experience in nanotechnology and over 20 years of business experience in the field of life sciences. Our work centres around boosting self-esteem with a perfect smile and improving mental vitality by aiding natural, restorative sleep.

Durability, one of the key advantages of plastics, has become something of a curse – microparticles remain in the environment for hundreds of years and, critically, are ingested by the body. With today’s clear orthodontic aligners, the patients wear away microplastic particles through continuous abrasion, and this presents as yet unknown health risks. We aim to accelerate the substitution of microplastics by using next-generation biobased materials. These are made from regenerative resources, have a natural biocompatibility and are uniquely comfortable to wear.

Our second key innovation lies in the field of digitisation. Sleep plays a vital role in our well-being. Getting enough sleep helps protect our mental health. One in two people worldwide, however, is affected by disruptive snoring or sleep apnoea. In more than 30% of cases, the condition is directly related to a lack of tongue muscle control. When the tongue falls back, it blocks the airways and causes vibrations. Our unique solution uses ultra-thin nanosensors as a tactile interface between the tongue and a smartphone app. Interactive, gamified myofunctional exercises increase the strength and unconscious control of the tongue during the night, which can prevent chronic snoring and mild sleep apnoea.