Interview on the subject of marketing rental space in view of the Stücki Park with Simon Kaiser

We spoke to Simon Kaiser, Head Letting & Marketing at Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG, about the marketing of rental space with regard to the Stücki Park.

Can you explain your specific tasks in the context of marketing the Stücki Park?
S.K .: In the course of the transformation of the Stücki Park, away from the shopping center and into a center in the area’s life science, four transverse structures, so-called “docks” with additional office and laboratory space, will also be built by 2023. I am responsible for marketing this new office and laboratory space. The first construction phase was completed at the end of 2020, with one of the two buildings being successfully rented to Lonza as a single tenant. The second building is now being actively marketed as a multi-tenant office building. Additional laboratory space will be created in the second construction phase.

What phases are there in the marketing of rental space?
And what phase of the marketing are you currently in with the piece of park?
SK .: In the context of the marketing of business space, there are several phases, some of which are individually tailored to the mandate. In principle, a distinction can be made between a preparatory and an implementing marketing phase. While in the preparatory phase the focus is on a strategic level, the operational activities are in the foreground in the implementation. With regard to the marketing of the new office and laboratory space in the Stücki Park, we are now starting to implement the first construction phase of the office building. We are currently still in a preparatory phase in marketing the laboratory space for the second construction phase.

Are there any differences in the marketing of the Stücki Park compared to other properties? And what challenges does such a diverse and complex object pose?
S.K .: One big difference is certainly that the Stücki Park is a contiguous area. The procedure for the sustainable leasing of individual areas must therefore be woven like a red thread into the vision of the Stücki Park and cannot be treated separately from it. It is always important to supplement existing offers in order to create possible synergies. Finally, good communication with all parties and partners is essential for such a complex object.

The Stücki Park has already been largely rented and parts are still being completed. Is this an advantage or a disadvantage?
S.K .: With regard to the marketing of the new office and laboratory space, I see a clear advantage in the existing tenant structures. We can already count well-known, international companies from the life science industry among our tenants. The existing community is constantly being expanded with new tenants, which leads to exciting interactions between tenants. The diverse and varied catering, shopping, entertainment and wellness options also contribute to a high quality of work.
Which target groups are in the foreground when marketing the Stücki Park?

For whom are the rental spaces particularly interesting?
S.K .: Here, too, a holistic view of the area is important. The target groups in the marketing of office and laboratory space are companies from life science and life science-related industries. I’m talking about both established companies and young companies. Target groups that contribute to increasing the attractiveness of the location for employees move in a complementary strategic business area.

Where do you personally see Stücki Park in the coming years?
S.K .: I see the Stücki Park in the future as an established and innovative life science location with a diverse and sustainable range. An attractive third place with an open campus character, in which employees, but also residents and visitors like to stay and linger.

Thank you for the exciting exchange and your time.
Good luck with your further marketing and stay healthy!